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Below are some trusted resources we wanted to share with you.



Littleton, CO  

Dr. Desiree Draws 

ph: 720-724-7522

Silver Lining Animal Chiro


Colorado Springs, CO

Dr. Rachel Eken 

ph: 920-904-6944

Hand and Paw Chiropractic


Ft. Collins, CO

Dr. Alisha Barns  

ph: 970-420-9489

Tails Animal Chiropractic Care 


Chiropractic – Veterinarian

Sedalia, CO

Dr. Kim Krueger  

ph: 720-308-2216

Well Adjusted Animal


Holistic Veterinarian – Virtual Appointments Only

Dr. Judy Jasek  

ph: 720-515-2421

Animal Healing Arts  


Veterinary Cannabis & Pet Wellness Coaching

Dana Chick VCC, CPWC, CAMT 

ph: 303-219-0045

Pawsitive Balance


Massage Therapy

Ashley Ferraro 

ph: 720-633-7815

Emma’s Education



Dr. Kathy Beattie 

ph: 720-690-7387

Acupuncture Vet Healing


Dr. Holly Foster 

ph: 303-456-4136

Acupuncture for Animals


Bioresonance Therapy

Sue Troglio 

ph: 303-386-4034

Unleashed Energy LLC


Raw Dog Food and Company