Canine and Equine Chiropractic

The information and procedures contained in this web site are not intended as a substitute for consulting your veterinarian. Any attempt to diagnose and treat an illness using the information in this site should come under the direction of your Veterinarian. All matters regarding your animals’ health should be supervised by your Veterinarian.

For information about Canine and Equine Chiropractic care:

Veterinary referral required prior to all new patient appointments.



New Canine Chiropractic at Home Office $135-150
Follow-up Canine Chiropractic at Home Office $65-85
New Canine Chiropractic – House Call $150-175
Follow-Up Canine Chiropractic House Call $85-125
Multi-dog Discounts Available for Both Home Office and House Call Appointments
New Equine Chiropractic – Barn call  $150-200
Follow-up Equine Chiropractic – Barn call $100
Multi-Horse or Barn Discounts Available
*All prices will be determined and may vary depending on location of house/barn call AND size and temperament of your animal. Please keep in mind I base my house/barn call area from my Home Office in Golden, CO.